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      How to maintain the tent after use?

      release time:2020-1-8    This article is read :638 Times


      How to maintain the tent after use? Do you know that tents need maintenance after they are used, and learning to maintain them is also very important. This is related to the life of the tent. The editor of Taipeng Smart Home introduces the maintenance measures after using the tent.

      1. After cleaning, ventilate in a cool and dry place naturally. Do not expose it to the sun or bake in a high temperature place to prevent degumming or degumming and accelerate aging.

      ⒉ Non-professional labor rubber shoes should not be in contact with acids, alkalis, salts and other chemicals to prevent corrosion and degumming.

      3. When cleaning, apply force evenly and gently. Do not brush vigorously to avoid short lines or brush off the pattern and decorative parts of the shoe body.

      ⒋ Avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent scratches.

      ⒌ For colored canvas, do not touch it with hard-to-clean items such as carbon ink. After cleaning this color of canvas, apply toothpaste or white chalk powder. Pay attention to evenness, and then dry it to prevent discoloration. Or find two white, clean sheets of paper and cover them and dry them off. Also prevents discoloration.

      6. If there are any minor problems such as broken wires, dropped wires, or loose decorative parts, please send them for repair in time. To extend its life.

      ⒎ In addition, the tent should be cleaned regularly to prevent mold and odor. Do not wash in a washing machine. Some people think that the tent is resistant to folding, and the price is low, too lazy to wash it by hand. I do n’t know if it ’s different from decorative cloth pieces. Washing in a washing machine is easy to fall off and fade.

      How to maintain the tent after use?

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