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      Cautions on the use of advertising tents

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      advertising tents

      Cautions on the use of advertising tents. Advertising tent skeleton is made of multiple steel pipes connected, so extra attention is needed during use. The following advertising tent manufacturers summarize the precautions for using advertising tents:

      1. Handle the advertising tent with care and do not throw it away.

      2. Pay attention to the package opening, do not use a knife to scrape blindly, it is easy to scratch the tarpaulin.

      3. When stacking, discharge it upright, do not stack it to prevent accidentally crushing and tearing the top of the cloth.

      4. Before using the advertising tent, you should check whether the screws at the insertion site are tightened.

      5. When any tent frame of the advertising tent is found to be zigzag or deformed, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance, and the operation can be continued after the fault is removed.

      6. When advertising tents are used for outdoor display operations, special attention should be paid to wind protection. When the caretaker temporarily leaves, the advertising account should be lowered to the first section. That is: the inner foot is retracted into the outer foot, and then it is useful to prevent wind damage.

      7. In the operation of several tents in a row, the tent legs adjacent to the advertising tent and the advertising tent should be tied with a cable tie or a rope to make it a whole to strengthen its wind resistance.

      8. Do not use adhesive tape to surround the two tent legs, or the residue of the adhesive tape will seriously affect the sliding of the sleeve on the feet of the advertising tent.

      Cautions on the use of advertising tents

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